Entice Feature Friday’s: Iris Chen

A Closer Look At A Plant Mom & Her Technology

Everyone- breathe. Just breathe. Take a moment to appreciate the hard week of work behind us and the amazing weekend to come! It’s Friday! We made it! On a personal note, I know that during this pandemic it’s been hard to find fun things to do. But get creative! Here are Moriah’s five suggestions on how to spend this fall weekend both safely and enjoyably!

  1. Build a snowman! (I live in California so that’s not an option for me but somewhere out in the world…it’s snowing. Right?)
  2. Learn to play an instrument. The noisier the better. (I’m sure your neighbors will love that.)
  3. Meditate. (And when you get bored of that, hop on Youtube and watch someone else meditate. Trust me, it’s surprisingly entertaining.)
  4. EAT! (I mean haven’t we all gained like ten pounds because of quarantine anyway?)
  5. Disney. (I mean…do I really have to say more. Also check out The Mandalorian Season 2. It’s fire.)

ANYWAYS! Welcome back to Feature Friday’s where we highlight one spectacular individual from the Entice community each week. These individuals will range from Entice team members, influencers, everyday users of the platform, and their networks.

So without further ado let me introduce you all to Iris Chen! Iris is an MBA student at the University of San Francisco. She has a BFA in Russian Language and is currently majoring in Marketing after moving all the way from the tropical country of Taiwan last year. When I asked about her home, she laughed when telling me that they have regular earthquakes and typhoons in the summertime. I didn’t think this was very funny but apparently Iris did. Diving into her origins a bit more, I found out that people in Taiwan speak Mandarin. So not only is she a wiz at computers, she is also linguistically gifted.

It was such a pleasure to get to talk to Iris because I had heard so many amazing things about her. She currently works with the tech side of Entice so I expected to talk to someone who was both really intelligent and also off putting. No offense smart people but sometimes, you can come off as really arrogant or obnoxious.

However, Iris was the complete opposite of that, her warm smile and soft laugh putting me at ease almost instantly. In between laughs and a few jokes, Iris explained that while she was in Taiwan, she worked as an Influencer and VA Marketing Manager for five years. This girl really knows her stuff! Incidentally Jay, Entice’s Chief Operating Officer, connected with Iris over Linkedin and instantly wanted to get her on board. Currently Iris is working as a Growth Marketing Intern, which essentially means that she is in charge of rounding up potential users and influencers and getting them to join the platform. Her background in Influencer Management has really helped her be successful at Entice.

“During this pandemic time, I see a lot of people trying to start their own businesses and I really like Entice’s idea of making money through connections.”

As I mentioned earlier, Iris isn’t just a pretty face. She is really passionate about coding and has even created a system to sort through and target influencers! According to Iris, “at a previous internship I used coding to help the company collect influencers information directly from ig and that is what I am trying to do for Entice!” When I told her just how impressed I was, she shook her head and smiled, claiming that she had a lot more to learn, and I practically melted out of my chair at how humble and sweet she was.

Besides working behind the scenes with numbers and fancy coding for Entice, Iris is also a plant mom which deserves a whole award unto itself! She has a little balcony where she has set up a garden and I’m sure those plants have just been loving the rain these past few days. Iris is also a huge foodie, going so far as to join Yelp Elite and do extensive research on restaurants and various cuisines. When I asked about her role model in life, she was quick to reply and her answer shocked me.

“Do you know Master Yoda? From Star Wars?”

I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes because of course I know who that tiny green creature is. Again…go watch The Mandalorian if you haven’t already.

“My favorite quote from him is…do or do not. There is no try. Basically I see that as my motto for life.”

Let me break this down for you. Iris travelled to 23 different countries before the age of 30. She is insanely smart and such amazing company. She has even braved -15 degree weather in Siberia during winter. If you don’t love her already, you’re crazy.

Rapid-Fire Questions: Fall Edition

  • Tell me about your favorite fall/thanksgiving tradition.

“My favorite Thanksgiving Tradition is making cranberry sauce and baking a pie with my family.”

  • Is there anything about the thanksgiving season you don’t like?

“Okay like…something I really hate about Thanksgiving is the turkey leftovers. I really hate that.”

  • Do you have a favorite thanksgiving food or drink?

“Ohhhh…hot apple cider.”


Stay tuned for next Friday to learn more about the Entice team and users — who knows, you may even be on Feature Friday’s next!

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